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    Kaitlyn Caster has been a health insurance agent serving throughout the state of Florida since 2016. After graduating college in 2011, Kaitlyn worked as a Flight Attendant, and a Retail Manager, gaining extensive training in customer service. She uses that knowledge to ensure that she matches her customers with the right products in a friendly, honest manner. She is happy to schedule in-person meetings here in Melbourne, or virtual meetings if that is not a convenient option.
    Kaitlyn was born and raised in Melbourne, FL and after living in New Jersey, Texas and Florida’s west coast, after marrying her husband they decided this is where they wanted to settle to begin their family. She is happy to be back in Brevard, and can usually be found on the weekends with her husband Devin and their Border Collie Bulleit checking out the local dog parks or breweries.
    Kaitlyn Caster
    Insurance Specialist
    FWH & Associates Inc.
    dba The Florida Health Insurance Exchange
    NPN# 17914912
    2850 Lake Washington Rd.
    Suite 3
    Melbourne, FL 32935