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    Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans

    You already know the Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans team. We’re your friends and neighbors. We shop at the same stores, attend the same churches, play in the same parks and work in the same community.

    Because we know that a healthy community means a better place to live and work, it is our goal to positively shape the overall health and wellness of our neighbors. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to create a health care system to do just that.

    We are also doing our part to help control the zooming costs of titusville health care. How? By taking care of, assessing and educating members of our community – everyone from kids to parents to seniors with increased health risks to companies and their employees.

    The mission of Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans is to provide FHCP members with health care related services through dedicated employees and service partners who manage both the quality and the cost of health care in merritt Island fl.Titusville Florida Health Care Plans

    At Florida Health Care Plans of Merritt Island, “good enough” is never good enough. Because we’re committed to giving our members the best quality health care possible, we want to help you know everything you need to know about the care you receive.

    We need to know: How was your experience with your Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans provider? Tell us and we’ll be better able to help you make the right choices. When you receive your “Welcome to FHCP” member packet, please fill out the survey postcard with postage already paid and return. Your valued feedback will help us manage both the quality and cost of health care

    When it comes to your health, you’re more proactive and so are we. You reach a collaborative partnership with your physician, your pharmacist, your therapist – all the people who you count on for your good health. Now that’s a Win-Win!

    Our Vision Is Clear: To set the standard for managed health care in our community. Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans (FHCP) strives to be acknowledged as a health care leader, pioneer and advocate by our members, employees and service partners.

    Our goal is to give you – our neighbors – the very best doctors, X-ray technicians, hospitals, smoking cessation coaches and all the other professionals who work toward your wellness and good health.

    We’re the local team shaping local health care actions. So we want to ensure you get the treatment that’s right for you – at the right time at the right cost. That’s why we’re constantly reevaluating and fine-tuning the care you get and who you get it from.

    You deserve the best care – we make sure you get just that. We use our cost-measures, our technology, our educational programs and our commitment to community partnership to provide outstanding care in the place where our members – and we – live, work and play.

    At Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans, our definition of “Quality” is simple: It’s our commitment to excellence measured by the satisfaction of you – our customers, our neighbors, our friends and our community. That’s why we’re committed to understanding your health care needs on a personal level.

    FHCP’s goal is doing our jobs right the first time, every time to meet the requirements of our members, fellow employees, and service partners.

    To ensure quality relationships with our members, FHCP does our utmost to improve our responsiveness, to anticipate your requirements and to provide you with superlative service. To reach our goal we count on far more than our dedication to continuing education, professional standards and ethical practice behavior. On an ongoing basis, we integrate clinical advances, implement innovations and constantly measure and improve care.

    We continually refine our health care and member know-how in order to:

    • Conduct and support research on the effectiveness of treatments
    • Ensure that clinicians, patients and policymakers have the information they need to enhance the quality of care
    • Identify any gaps in access to or use of our health care services

    Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans takes pride in offering affordable Individual Health Insurance Plans for residents of Merritt Island Florida. Since 1974, we’ve been a trusted name in the community, with a solid reputation for high quality care at affordable prices. Now with our newest Affordable Care Act compliant health solutions for individuals, we’ve got something for everyone. Those looking for health insurance will have a friend and neighbor at their side with FHCP. FHCP has one of the highest health plan STAR ratings in merritt island florida!

    4 out of 5 Star Rating for Performance and Quality of Care from CMS. Source: Statistical Data from www.medicare.gov Oct.2015 – ratings are assessed and may change year to year.

    We have provided medical and prescription coverage to Medicare-eligible beneficiaries since 1981 and now FHCP offers an Optional Supplemental Point of Service benefit. In addition we offer a fitness program, education and wellness programs for our Medicare members. FHCP provides Group Health Care Plans to members who live or work in our service area of Volusia, Flagler and Seminole counties. Employers and their employees are able to find ways to manage health care costs through at work health strategies, low copays and exceptional quality coordinated care. Why Choose Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans in 2016?

    Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans has been providing exceptional service and affordable quality coverage to State of Florida Employees that live or work in our service area of Merritt Island.

    When you choose Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans you have access to a comprehensive local network of physicians and, when outside of Central Florida, access to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s excellent Blue Card Network for urgent or emergency care.

    All FHCP Customer service functions are located within our service area counties. FHCP owns and operates 13 staff clinic facilities. These facilities provide families with many services at one location saving you both valuable time and gasoline.

    Want more reasons to trust in Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans for your health insurance needs?

    • We have contracts with and access to ALL hospitals in Merritt Island FL, as well as Central Florida Regional in Sanford and Putnam Community Hospital in Palatka.
    • Our Progressive Wellness Programs are comprehensive and customized to individual needs.
    • Free access for you and your dependents to over 50 gyms in our service area, when you choose to go! (To be eligible members must complete our “Welcome to Wellness” HRA located within the FHCP Member Portal).
    • We give you worldwide access to emergency and urgent care.
    • Plans focus on wellness and preventive care.
    • We offer value added services such as Blue365, a national goods and services discount program for Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans members.

    Benefits at a Glance

    There are two types of options: the Standard Plan (HMO) and the Health Investor Plan (HMO) (lower monthly premium, high annual deductible). Merritt Island Florida Health Care Plans offers these plans to those State of Florida employees who live or work in the Merritt Island area. FWHQuoteMe.com FWH Quote Me.com FWH Quote Me .com FWH Quote Me FHW”me.com FWH ” Me.com FWH ” Me

    Local and Personalized Service At Direct Prices! (800) 864-8813