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Sherrie Hosmer

after the 14yrs: Growing up in central Florida(Brevard County) I have come to see the real needs and challenges in my community. Especally when it comes to insurance needs.People need help to understand every aspect involving their insurance benefits( Health.Life etc)When people come to me I do what is best for them. It is a great trust that they put into us as professionals.

I have lived in this area since 1968 and have grown up in Brevard County.This my home town has always given me what I have needed to be a success,but most of all it was by the grace of God. I believe that people and opportunities should always be appreciated when they come into your life. We all have traits that lead us to excel in certain areas. My trait is I have always been led to help people( Animal Control Officer ,Sheriffs Deputy,etc)
When I became appointed with FWH& Associates I knew I had found an agency that was a run on integrity.This is so important ,because in today’s world sometimes it is not like this with insurance agencies. Greed rules some insurance agencies. I have found my niche with my career and will continue to serve my community.

Sherrie Hosmer
Insurance Specialist
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